Every Gas Supply Network has its Natural Course

Let your distribution network follow its natural course, optimizing the reach and investment in your routes and maximizing profitability. With our intelligent calculator we help you plot the optimal path to get the most out of your network.


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What does WEAVER do?

Intelligent Calculation - WEAVER

Intelligent Calculation

WEAVER is a powerful information system based on calculating intelligent routes to help you trace the most optimal route of your supply network in the shortest possible time in terms of scope and investment.

Route Simulation - WEAVER

Route Simulation

WEAVER allows you to run simulations by area based on real data, which allows you to know beforehand the return on investment for that area.

Interdepartmental Communication - WEAVER

Interdepartmental Communication

WEAVER connects the different departments involved in the supply network analysis, planning and distribution processes, and provides all those involved with a history of the calculations made.


Where is the Goal?

WEAVER is an intelligent calculation and data analysis based solution that aims to streamline the work of all those involved in the supply distribution network planning and definition process, in addition to optimizing the investment plan to boost profitability.

This tool calculates the investment by areas fully automatically, saving a large amount of time, and it includes variables that analyse the networks based on the profitability of each area. All this allows the possibility of configuring certain parameters to get an indeterminate number of solutions based on different variables.

The ultimate target is to find the most efficient route for your gas network, following its natural course through the network of connections that make up an area, to place the definitive productivity success map in the palm of your hand.

Where is the Goal? - WEAVER
Optimizes the Investment Plan - WEAVER

Optimizes the Investment Plan

A supply network route simulation will allow you to define a safer and more efficient investment plan.

Maximize Profitability - WEAVER

Maximize Profitability

Establish priorities based on intelligent calculation results and achieve greater profitability with less effort.

Avoid Human Error - WEAVER

Avoid Human Error

The algorithm is specifically designed to efficiently and automatically analyse large amounts of data.

Save Time - WEAVER

Save Time

One of the biggest advantages of this tool is its calculation speed, allowing you to save a considerable amount of time.

Contact - WEAVER

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